Datalogging Solutions

Check out our range of datalogging solutions. From low cost devices suitable for transport applications to precision dataloggers used for pharmaceutical and food validation, Butler Techsense has the best possible product available for your requirement.


Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring and recording from two of the worlds leading manufacturers. These systems enable you to record environmental conditions inside thermally controlled equipment such as refrigerators, freezers and incubators. Ambient parameters such as humidity, CO2, temperature, particle count and pressure can be easily connected to these systems.


Hand Held Instruments

We stock and supply a large range of handheld instruments for the measurement of environmental parameters such temperature, relative humidity, windspeed, gas, pressure, pH, conductivity measurement.


Sensors and Probes

Butler Techsense is pleased to supply a range of sensors and transmitters from leading European manufacturers. We also make and supply a range of temperature probes to suit most applications.

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