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Butler TechSense - Your First Choice

With 20 years of experience in industrial instrumentation, Butler Techsense is a proven supplier of environmental monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical, GMP, medical, scientific and food production industries.

The world is becoming more and more complex yet, at the same time, budget control and value for money are more of a priority than ever before. The requirements for compliance with regulation are ever changing and increasing and the need for total transparency in the supply chain is becoming more and more demanding.

Our focus on product and service quality is supported by regular audits to ensure we are  always delivering the best possible solutions to our clients.

The demands of your operation require you to have reliable, accurate devices that give you the measurements you demand. Butler Techsense delivers field-proven technologies that can handle demanding conditions and challenges to allow you to maximize the performance, profitability and, most importantly the quality compliance aspects of your business.

Why Choose Butler TechSense?

At Butler Techsense we have been supplying measurement instrumentation and datalogging solutions for 20 years. There’s not much about a datalogger we don’t know. Our technical personnel have a solid understanding of measurement applications and will typically offer our customers more than one solution for their project. We work closely with our customers and establish long term partnerships that ultimately serve our customers well.

No project is too small or too large. Butler Techsense engineers have installed wireless environmental monitoring systems across a number of large GMP multi national companies and medical organisations around New Zealand.

Butler Techsense offers leading edge IoT solutions for medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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