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tSENSE Display

tSENSE is an advanced and versatile 3-in-1 transmitter designed for installation in the air-conditioned zone. It measures CO2 concentration, temperature, and humidity in the ambient air accurately without the need for additional compensation ─ true read. The data transmits to a BMS system or a stand-alone controller using industry standard output signals and communication protocols. tSENSE combines all the necessary elements for effective climate control in commercial office buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other facilities.

Using CO2 monitoring for demand control ventilation (DCV) allows a healthy, comfortable, and cost-effective environment for the occupants. It is flexible in design with temperature control and a combination of humidity control optional. Though suitable for use in many different energy-efficient ventilation strategies, SenseAir® welcomes any discussions for specific needs. Complies with ASHRAE standard 189.1 (±50ppm @ 1,000ppm of measured CO2 value).


eSENSE is a simple, low-cost, state-of-the-art, infrared, maintenance-free carbon dioxide transmitter for installation in the climate zone or in the ventilation duct. eSENSE helps you save money by decreasing your energy consumption while creating a healthier indoor climate. eSENSE measures the carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air up to 2,000 ppm and transforms the data into an analogue output. All comes with display option.


eSENSE is an extremely cost-optimised sensor solution. By controlling the ventilation based on actual demand, it helps you decrease energy consumption but still maintain a healthy indoor climate in both residential and commercial buildings.

aSENSE Dipslay

aSENSE is an advanced transmitter for installation in the climate zone. It measures both CO2 concentration and temperature in the ambient air. The data is transmitted to a BMS system or controller and can be configured with

UIP Software. aSENSE is a key component for climate control of buildings and other processes. The transmitter is flexible and suits many different ventilation strategies. It is also a cost-efficient gas alarm sensor for spaces where carbon dioxide gas is a potential danger. The product is designed to control ventilation by transmitting the measured carbon dioxide and temperature value to the Master or DDC of the system. A common application is controlling ventilation in rooms with varying numbers of people such as offices, classrooms, and cinemas. The ventilation control is based on temperature and CO2 measurements and helps saving energy and create a healthy indoor environment.

aSENSE GH Display

CO2 and Temperature Transmitter for Green House Installation.

aSENSE GH Disp measures both carbon dioxide concentration and temperature in the ambient air and sends these values to the control system. aSENSE GH Disp is a low-cost transmitter for installation in the climate zone. The special coated PCB and extra dust/water protection filter, makes aSENSE GH Disp suited for all kinds of greenhouses, mushroom farms, incubators and similar environments.

SUNRISE Ultra Low power CO2 sensor

Senseair Sunrise is a new generation NDIR sensors with Optical Solid State design. This sensor is robust and resistant to vibrations thanks to electronics with no moving parts. All applications with a tough environment or in environments with an explosion risk is benefitted by the solid state design. It is also the first NDIR sensor with LED technology that truly saves power while maintaining a high precision. The sensor has an accuracy of (CO2) ± (30 ppm +3% of reading) and a power consumption 24 times lower than other low-power NDIR sensors on the market. Average current 38μA. Thanks to the built-in self-correcting ABC algorithm, you can mount and forget your sensor for the next 15 years and it will still be accurate. Within wireless applications, it will be even more important to rely on a sensor that doesn´t need re-calibration.

K30 Sensor Module and OEM Platform

Senseair K30 is a flexible product with two analogue outputs and two digital outputs that can be configured with SADK hardware and UIP or other custom software to meet your requirement. The platform can be customised for a variety of sensing and control applications. This platform is designed to be an OEM module for built-in applications in a host apparatus.


K33 ICB is targeted to bio-applications with required measurement range 0 to up to 30% vol CO2. As all other sensors from Senseair, the module is designed for high volume production with full traceability by sensor serial number on all manufacturing processes and key components. Every sensor is individually calibrated and is provided with a UART digital interface. 


This platform is designed to be a low-power OEM module for integration into host apparatus, such as battery operated products and sensors with radio transmitters. Basically, any application where it is important to keep power consumption at a minimum without sacrificing the performance.

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